Our team is well-trained when carrying out any survey, it is very important to record accurate information about the survey location and details of any findings. We take measurements, photographs to ensure our customers get exactly what they need to proceed.

Please call us today to get a detailed field survey for your signs or fabrications.


Our team handles all the permits that your business needs. You can email or call 832-754-4716 for any permit related questions or concerns.

Engineer drawings

We are partnered with certified sign engineers for the state of texas and can provide engineer drawings in as little as 48 hours.

Graphic and Architecture Design

Our graphic designers and consultant architecture’s have an expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and CAD programs. Since we believe your signage plays a vital role in helping potential customer building their first impression about your business, before we start your project our designers and project manager’s carryout a detail site survey to make sure they understand the importance of your location, visibility of your signage, county codes, and architecture needs. We than present you with the drawing that will allow you to envision your signage after completion.


Once you approved our layout and drawings, your project than moves from graphic to fabrication department. At fabrication department our project managers reviews all the preliminary ideas with structural engineers. Engineers refer all the building codes and then guide our project managers to ensure that end structure is not only structurally sound but also attractive to a potential customer. Using all the advice and layout from structural engineers, our experience and certified fabricators than start your signage fabrication. From welders to painter, everyone follow strict detail attention to assure that our end product has the highest quality possible. We follow strict HSE policy in our work place.


At SMB SIGNS we have dedicated installers who are expert in their field as we are aware of the importance of the sings and that’s why our installers take special care in positioning the sign to its most optimum visibility and ensure that the sign is mounted in accordance with all the engineering and safety codes. We have a fleet of installers with all kind of service vehicles which means we can take any challenging job, irrespective of height or location.


Due to our quality work and proven design your signage after installation barely needs any maintenance. We mostly offer 1 year warranty on our new signage with 24/72 hour complaint response time. Our experienced and professional installer, welders, electricians are always there to support your signage. We aim quality product and quality support.

We are proud members of ISA (international sign association) and USSC (united states sign council).